Peripheral Unit

OasiHospitale Local Unit The Peripheral Units are designed as points of First Aid, can provide assistance to the most important needs of patients, such as first aid, analysis, day hospital, vaccinations, dental care, fractures, ozone therapy, etc ... providing care and treatment for all Where it does not need long-term care. For severe cases the patient will be transferred to the Main Hospital.

The planned intervention is developed with four buildings with a single mezzanine, each consisting of three buildings linked together by covered walkways.

The conception of this small hospital comes from African experiences gained over many years of professional and travel in this continent.

It certainly does not have the usual austerity of the hospitals that we are accustomed to frequent, but he wants to be an expression of human conception hospital specially addressed to poor people used to live in contact with the nature.

Layout Local Unit

Layout Peripheral UnitHence, the circular can be placed where the buildings of the project that should not be austerity, but a sure invitation to the care of doctors.

Each building will have a specialty care with 5 or 6 beds in hospital and clinics equipped to care even for outpatients.

Outpatients or relatives of patients can stop safely in the large semicircular covered interior, perhaps with a minimum of equipment, without piling within the hospital.

Here, too, it is expected to department of gynecology and obstetrics, one of trauma, one of Pediatrics, an internal medicine.

It also provides outpatient surgeries and everything will have to be equipped with the necessary basic health facilities.

All units will be equipped with devices for outpatient clinics and health facilities necessary basic.